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What makes our tracker better than others?

14 Satellites

We use 14 satellites pointing on all continentes!

Profesional team

Our team have professional skills graduated from high class university


We are oriented to develop the best looking tools, with great functionality!

25,000+ cutomers

We tracked over 25,000 cellphones around the world. More than 10,000 are US based

Gps Phone Tracker

3 Ways to effortlessly track a phone these days
Everything is done just with Phone Number or IMEI!

If you have recently lost your cell phone, or have had your cell phone stolen from you, it’s important to realize that there are quite a few options out there for you to take advantage of when it comes time to track down that phone and get it back. Most people are aware of phone tracking applications that they can install to their mobile devices through the App Store or app marketplace (depending upon the operating system that they are devices are running), but many people aren’t aware of exactly how useful these services are – or that there are other GPS phone tracker solutions available should those applications fail. We have provided a bit of inside information that should help everyone track cell phones that have gone missing below, giving you the chance to get your device back with little headache or hassle. After all, it usually costs a few hundred dollars to replace these phones (especially if you don’t have an upgrade available), and who wants to go through all of that? With the tips and tricks we provide below, you won’t ever have to!

  • Works with all Operating Systems!

    If you have the opportunity to do so, you’re going to want to install GPS phone tracker applications and software on your mobile device long before it ever goes missing.

  • You don't need skils to use the tool

    This tool is very easy to use. You only need to know is the victim Phone Number or IMEI, than let our Phone Tracker do the rest..

  • It can be used from PC or Mobile Devices

    This tool is designed to work on all mobile devices and computer browsers, we even created an app for mobile devices to make the track even easier.

  • It is safe

    It will keep you private, your data will never been stored in our servers or anywhere else. This is a part of our policy.

The team Behind Cell Phone Tracker

This is just a few members from our team , who works every day to deliver one of the best products from internet!
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Gillian I. Lazenby

Project Manager
Gillian is one of the smartest girl we ever had in our team, She knows what our users really want, and that made her Project Manager!
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Nathan K. Sinclair

Art Director
Nathan is one of the best Designers we ever had. All the designs from our website and from our tool are His work. So Thanks you, Nathan.
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Lauren O. Williams

Account Manager
Our Account Manager is one of the best people, that we ever worked. She knows how to make us happy, and how to motivate us to do the right thing!
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Jeffrey Rostan

Business Development
This is our Business Developer, He is one of the greatest minds we ever had, and is also a HTML and Android Coder, Thanks for all the Help, Jeffrey


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