About Us

We are a young team!

Our team is the first one who take responsibility for those who had their device taken or misplaced. And they couldn’t recover it as it had the security disabled. But from this year everything is history, we are a team who created a project that will help people to find their lost devices for free.

The project is called , Project T, from Tracker. The tracker will work by using phone number or IMEI, we are now using the satelites provided by Google, for our project, but we work to build our system too. And We will contact some of the best Telecom companies out there and ask them for help. If we could have access to more than 14  satellites this could be one of the best systems to track a mobile device ever created.

The system is free forever, we don’t want to make the people who lost their devices to suffer even more. So if somebody want to donate for this project you are free to do that, just contact us on our email and we will give the details.